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Meet our Team

Greg:  Owner

Greg is a avid outdoorsman and has been Mossy Oak Pro Staff since 2012.  Greg has also been involved with multiple conservation groups throughout Southern Nevada for many years..

Ryan:  Owner

Ryan has been a gun guru for 30+ year, Retired Marine Corps and led many Conservation groups to keep our Nevada outdoors going strong. 

Robert: General Manager

Robert  is are head Gunsmith and has been building guns for over 15 years he specializes in long range precision, 1911 and AR precision.  Robert also is a certified instructor with the NRA

Vincent Laub: Sales

Vincent has a love for the AK 47 platform and have made it his specialty to perfect.  Custom holsters, Vincent is the master holster smith. When it comes to researching old collectible surplus firearms Vincent is second to none!

James: Instructor

James is a retired Marine Corps Veteran that is extremely knowledgeable in firearms and is a NRA certified instructor.

Montez: Sales

Montez is retired Navy Love for building and designing Glock and AR platforms are his specialty

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